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Compliance Software
Coming soon. Compliance Software as as Service for Sustainable Business Management. Making Certification and Process Management Accessible for Small and Medium size Enterprises.

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Quality, Environment, Social
3P Integration - People, Planet & Profit - Based on the latest ISO standards (2015); ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and others. Plugin model ready for additional requirements. Safe Money and Time with Combined Audits.

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Simple & Secure
Easy Set Up with no optional Modules. The Essentials in a Lean Framework. Lay-out and Contents are Separated. Documents are Stored on the ISO 27001 Certified AWS Server and Backup Solution

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High Level Structure

Many consultants suggest a so called ‘gap analysis’ to help in the transition process to the new ISO standards. Because of Fundamental changes resulting from the High Level Structure it will be less costly for businesses to implement ISO standards. The simple structure enables business owners to implement the New Standards themselves, without the help of expensive consultants.

That is great news, because now small and medium sized companies will have more possibilities to work in a systematic way to enhance their quality of products or services and working conditions, and to reduce their environmental impact.

Build For You

Now is your change to create your own custom made Integrated Management System. To ensure a great product experience and wide acceptation, I need your expertise in working with existing Document Management Systems or Print Handbooks to design this IMS according to your needs.

Join the Focus Group and benefit from the early access and influence in the listed features. Early adapters will have several additional benefits such as a livelong discount on subscription fees.