July 6, 2010


If you are the boss of a multi-national with more than 100 employees, than this software is not for you. I will be glad to refer you to programs that fulfill the compliance and management needs of large companies. Large company and enterprise management systems are often highly customized, or developed in house and require investments in staff and infrastructure.

Backbone is different.

I want to enable more applied sustainability in small and medium size businesses. Any industry can benefit from an integrated management strategy that does not only focus on short term profits. Forced by regulations and customer requirements more and more companies are holding one, or two certifications. It costs a lot of money to implement different systems and invite external auditors. That explains the efforts of the International Standardization Organization (ISO) to introduce the High Level Structure that ensures uniform standards. This makes Integrated Management Systems and combined audits feasible.


Backbone Management System enables small and medium sized organizations with software to continuously improve quality, environmental and social impacts.

Now it is possible to design an Integrated Management System that is lean and powerful! To create wide acceptance of this software framework -the Backbone of an organizations Compliance Management System- I consulted experts on compliance and management and I invite business owners and QHSE Managers (Quality-, Health & Safety- and Environmental Managers) to join the backbone focus group to help create the most powerful user friendly and process oriented Integrated Management System according to their requirements.

To keep the program accessible some choices need to be made. It will be available and accessible online – on a subscription bases only – to ensure low costs, continuous service and instant updates. All unnecessary features will be cut out. Including language options. All documentation will be available only in English. Within the backbone framework your content can be in any language required of course.


By the end of 2021 Backbone Management System will be a significant player in the market for integrated management systems. Aiming to meet ten percent of the demand for integrated quality management systems. Making continual improvement and organizational learning accessible for small and medium sized organizations. Our projection is to reach 3000 implementations in five years, with the point of gravity of our clients located in the U.S. and Europe. The implementations of the Backbone Management System will contribute to an increased sustainability thinking, with the triple bottom-line as the basis for new metrics development and sustainability management.

In the coming months the program will be developed. I’m aiming to launch Backbone.ms – The Integrated Management System end of 2016. Currently I’m reaching out to potential first adapters. In exchange for feedback on the alpha versions (pre-launch) interesting conditions apply for lifetime access to the public version.

If you have any questions or remarks, please send me an email.

Jeroen Houdijk


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